Santiventures review

The new year holiday is finally over and while we find ourselves in 2010 the hyip industry keeps rolling and rolling as usual. The last 2 days were probably the hardest of all from the last week. I am not saint and I confess I drank a lot. Not even I wanted to get drunk but I just tasted too much of whiskey and cocktails my friends brought for the New Year party.  And how did you spend your holidays? Anyway I hope it was worthy of the name:)

Let’s switch to some news for today. As you might have noticed I removed Xagaenterprise from my list about a week ago after the program had accessibility issues. To be quite honest it was not only about that but that the admin imposed new requirements for all the members to 2captch reviews qualify to active status, and that the site is in the process of changing its domain registrar. Meanwhile the necessary work is being done you can access Xagaenterprise through the original ip url URL here. Fake Seal logo by simply means it points to the incorrect domain name so don’t worry on this account. I am waiting for the positive updates from Xaga at this point to return it back to hyip list but my experience says the admin have to take care of all the problems and prove once again the program is creditable and running smoothly in the first place.

Last week I finally joined one more long term hyip program called Santiventures . As you know I wanted to post the review last year but I just decided to have some back up and wait till 2010 comes. I was right in my expectations that Santiventures could easily overpass into the new year as a promising long term program. Although at first glance it may seem there is nothing special about this prog I have some good indications this one is going to be a nice pick for this year.

Santiventures is hosted on a dedicated server provided by DDoSWiz service. They run a license Goldcoders script and the layout is quite catchy and nice, imo. The thing which I liked while browsing the site was how information is structured and that they don’t make people invest directly. What I mean here is plain comprehensive English language with no direct claims of being the best and the most reliable company to take care of your money, heh What I disliked is the absence of details on investment plans which in fact is very important. However if you still didn’t register an account with Santiventures you can learn that the interest ranges from 1.3% to 2.8% daily profit which will be paid to your from Monday to Friday during 150 business days. I’d say that is the classic example of a hyip striving for stable and long existence. BTW their affiliate program of 5% referral commission isn’t bad at all, just in case you are referrer or offer RCB.

After you register an account with them you can access full details on investment plans Santiventures has to offer. There are 4 types of plans:

1.3% daily for 150 days, $10-$800

1.6% daily for 150 days, $800-$2500

2.3% daily for 150 days, $2500-$10000

2.8% daily for 150 days, $10000-$25000

What’s really worth mentioning here is that you will get your deposit back if upgraded for the first 1.3% plan which will make total 295% profit. Thus I think the two first plans are the most popular and affordable to investors.

I’d like to say a couple of words about support service as earlier today in the morning I managed to talk to their live operator who to my pleasure turned out to be a real person, helpful and polite. Adds a plus to Santiventures . Last week I had a quick email session with the admin who agreed to spend some time answering the questions I have prepared for him, so hopefully it will be posted on MMS next week. BTW he promised to provide some evidence that Santiventures is really registered in Panama as claimed on their contact page. As it was explained to me this is the way they care about their privacy and copyright which to some logic extent is understandable. I have no grounds to be extremely skeptical about that as it doesn’t take much to register a company there, still some proof is appreciated.

Santiventures accepts Strictpay, Alertpay, Libertyreserve and Perfectmoney, a full set of popular e-currencies. I am not sure about Alertpay as a way too many hyips have faced problems with this processor recently, I just hope for the better outcome with this particular program.

Overall I like the opportunity to have some earnings in Santiventures . Mostly because it is young and not aggressive, good feedback and long term ambitions. Looking forward to the interview to find out more details.

That’s it for today, guys. See you later tomorrow here on MMS, stay tuned and take care