How To Learn And Earn

Want to make money but not sure how or where to begin?  Want the key for how to learn and earn?  First you need to learn how to learn.  Read on.

How to learn

Are you teachable or do you think you know more than you do?  Are you willing to put aside what you think you know and are you open to new ideas and information?

Education is tantamount to learning.  I dare say they’re one and the same.

The day we stop learning is the day we know it all.  Do you know anyone who can say they know it all?  I don’t mean those who think they know it all.  There are lots of them.  Are you one of them?

Don’t confuse learning/education with schooling.  Although school is intended as a place to learn, it doesn’t necessarily work that way.

To quote the late, great Mark Twain:

“I have never let my schooling interfere with my education.”

In sum, the best way for how to learn is to be open-minded and willing and realize learning is constant.  It’s not once-and-done.

The greatest obstacle to learning is thinking we know too much.

Source of information

Where are you obtaining your information and who are listening to?  Are you one who receives information and simply accepts it as truth or do you verify the information?

A major part of learning is the realization that since no one knows everything, your source of information may not be accurate or credible.  Chances are, no one is going to notify you to check things out.  We need to be skeptical and allow people and other sources of information to earn our trust.

In other words, part of learning is checking the reliability of the information and the source of the information.

In case you haven’t learned already, there are people who specialize in deception and those who lie.

Do you know?


Perhaps you’re asking yourself, how do you know who’s for real and who’s full of baloney (to put it nicely)?  How do you go about following up and checking things out?

I’m convinced that a large part of education is not how much someone knows, thinks they know, or even how smart people are.  Remember, no one knows it all.  The key is to know where to look for the information you want and/or need.

There is no easy formula or magic to the process.  It takes time and effort to do research.  Being skeptical can be laborious but it’s necessary.

Some of the ways I go about following up and checking things out:

Sometimes the answers to the above questions are not readily available.  That’s why research contains the prefix “re” which means again—search again, and sometimes again and again.

We’ve got to do the research.

On the other hand, not everything is worthy of research.  Sometimes the best research is experience.  It depends on what it is.

If it’s a life-changing/life-altering event, or a major purchase it makes sense to go out of our way to learn what we need to learn before proceeding.

Other times, it simply isn’t worth the trouble.  Sometimes we learn the hard way but it’s not a costly lesson.  As long as we learn our lesson, that’s the important thing.


Is it safe to say the word “earn” is synonymous with work/effort?  If we earn something, it means it was not given to us.  We had to do something to get it, probably work.

When it comes to earning money, how important is it to learn before and while you earn?  Have you got that figured out yet?

I’ll be the first to admit, I’m still learning and I’m over 60.

Oh sure, I know lots of ways to earn money.  I’ve been doing that since I was 6 years old.

Have I learned how to earn what I really want to earn and earn it the way I want to earn it?  As I said, I’m still learning.

I want to earn my living online and I’m learning a little at a time how to do that.

What I’ve learned is it’s not easy, certainly not Lucky Day App Review: Legit Or A Scam? as easy I thought it would be.  I also learned that I don’t know nearly as much as I thought.  In fact, when it comes to earning a living online, I didn’t know ANYTHING.

I had to go through a lot of trial and error and do a lot of research before finally finding a reliable and credible source of information that I could afford to pay for.

I have learned and continue to learn more than I realized I needed to learn.

To paraphrase another quote:

I was surprised to learn how much I needed to know to learn how little I know.

Perhaps Mark Twain said that too.  I can’t verify who said it but it’s true and I like it.

At this point, you probably don’t know enough about me to consider me the best source of information about how to earn a living online.  I wouldn’t recommend that you use me as a source of expertise.

However, I’m happy to introduce you to my main source of information about how to make money online.  I will gladly be your guide.

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